System Audit, Health Check, Instance Review

Whatever you've heard of them being called, a System Audit is the best way to get an idea of how your instance is performing. 

Most automation managers usually spend the majority of their time inside one instance. Our team, on the other hand, is constantly in and out of instances all day long. Over time we've found what is considered "Best Practice" might not be a best practice for you.

Types Of Audits:

Free Audit:

This audit is ideal to get a quick sanity check on how everything is running and structured. We run an overview of your campaigns, workflows, programs and general admin setup. Then, we create an outline and prioritize items that can help improve your instance.

Standard Audit:

With the standard audit, you get the free audit, but we take extra time to look closely at your overall marketing performance by reviewing design, deliverability and channel strategy. We’ll also resolve any CRM syncing issues.

Marketing Sensitivity Analysis:

This is the most inclusive Audit you can get. You’ll receive all of the items from the free and standard audit, but we’ll provide industry-specific KPIs, identify data gaps and review your entire CRM. Additionally, we’ll take a look at how effective your lead scoring program is and walk you through your lead lifecycle to identify gaps. Our team will also provide in-depth feedback of all, but not limited to:
  • Your Lead scoring program
  • Qualification process
  • Content review and engagement
  • Industry comparison and standings
  • Marketing engagement over time

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“Leveraging the Marketing Sensitivity Analysis gave us a deeper understanding of our current data architecture and really helped us focus on what we needed to focus on vs what we wanted to focus on. GNW consulting has been crucial in helping identify and fill the gaps within our Mar-Tech stack. "

Daniel Toma
The Myers-Briggs Company