Our work began when they reached out to see how we could help them create more engaging campaigns for their clients that could build excitement in anticipation for future events. So, we brought this back to the team and were able to identify a few quick wins:

We started with our system audit to identify our roadmap to success:
  • We helped identify clear market segments within their CRM.
  • Planned and created an engagement framework that could apply to a variety of campaigns throughout the year.
  • Compile all the data pieces together under one easy-to-read dashboard view.

We developed a fully integrated end-to-end campaign ecosystem with Lakeside Manufacturing so they could build strategic, goal-driven campaigns that drove:
  • 25% increase in revenue attribution
  • 10% increase in form conversions
  • 43% boost in email engagement

Read the full case study to learn more about the steps we took to create a fully integrated marketing campaign that drove revenue.

Read the Full Success Story

Read the Full Success Story

“We've had a great time evolving with GNW. They are an extension of our lakeside marketing team. They're fun, they're trustworthy, they're consistent and they've got a huge amount of knowledge that they willingly share and help us to grow."

Jessie Duford
Lakeside Manufacturing